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My name is Lisa Toskovski, and I am Holistic Kinesiology practitioner. I live on the beautiful Fleurieu coast of South Australia. I am registered member of the Australian Kinesiology Association, and the creator of Kalibri: Essentials. 

I offer multiple services and workshops (see what we offer) with principles of Kinesiology as the foundation of all of my work. 

I will assist you in realigning you with your true essence, in mind, body and spirit. Your true self thrives with health, wellness, freedom, abundance and love. I will welcome all that you are in its chaos and glory, as I know they are not separate of who you are. 

I hold a compassionate and loving clinic space where Eastern wisdom meets with Western science. Our kinesiology balance encompasses the mind, body and spirit as one whole, so that you are treated as whole. Thus, enabling us to clearing blockages and causal factors of stress, stress responses, trauma and other disturbances causing harm and dis-ease in all areas of your being. 

My intention is to help you to achieve balance in your inner and outer world, by guiding your mind and body towards its own state of harmony and rhythm. Amazing things can happen when blockages are removed and energy can flow freely through our system. Healing is restored, and life can return to it's natural ebb and flow, allowing you to live life in a whole new way. 

I believe that as social and collective beings, we have a responsibility to embrace without judgement our fullest potential, for the true greatness and evolution of humanity. We can only achieve such things when we clear out the old habits, traumas and patterns we harbour (physical, mental, emotional, ancestral) and rewire ourselves to freely respond to life and choose our own way to live. 

Health is not a one-fits-all. Wellness is achievable even in difficult circumstances. 

I look forward to helping you to achieve health in your mind, body and spirit. 

" Each act of kindness and compassion from the heart towards self and others, creates a radiant energy in the person who performs it. This energy is a gift to humanity, it touches and inspires every being that comes into contact with it. This is how we heal the world." 

- Lisa Toskovski

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Grow Towards Wellness


Wellness is more than being free from sickness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally, emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle. You can have a rich lifestyle, own expensive things, have a good job, loving family and house, but ultimately if there is turmoil inside (in the mind or body) you will almost certainly be uncomfortable and unbalanced inside. Over time, these sensations begin to feel normal, and will continue walking the path to dis-ease. The journey back to wellness is... 


Kinesiology; Essential for Health and Wellbeing.


To live a higher quality life, maintaining wellness is key. Everything we experience through the sense, everything we think, feel and do, affects us directly via the nervous system. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, increase balance, brain-function, overall health and stablize emotions, addressing what happens in the nervous system is key. Kinesiology explores the mind-body connection by accessing information in the nervous system and...


Live With Passion & Purpose


Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose? Life comprises of moments, of thoughts, actions, emotions and choices. Conscious and unconscious. In order to discover what it means to be you, your gifts, values and the world of infinite potential laying in the amazing being that is you, you must first get out of your mind and into your body, explore the storage compartment for the soul. Only in grounded awareness can you discover how to live aligned with YOUR passion and purpose...

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