Growing Towards Wellness

Wellness is more than being free from sickness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally, emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle. You can have a rich lifestyle, own expensive things, have a good job, loving family and home, but stress will be the gage that your life-system determines your level of health and wellness. If there is turmoil inside (in the mind or body) you will certainly hold stress and discomfort. Homeostasis will be disturbed and energy needs to be utilized to come back into balance. Stress enables us to practice being disturbed, and regaining balance. 


Stress, however, when prolonged over periods of time can begin to feel normal. A small amount of stress is healthy for the nervous system, but too much for too long can leave a person chronically functioning in fight/flight mode - with an overactive Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). Restorative mode cannot function while SNS is on. 

It is incredibly taxing on the body to live in SNS, with nutrient stores declining rapidly the longer you remain in it. Staying for too long in this state means your body doesn't get enough time to rest, effectively digest, and eventually life, general tasks and challenges become more difficult to meet, emotional and physical health declines, acidity increases and dis-ease follows. Rest does not mean just sleep alone, but also includes periods of time dedicated to restore and self care. 

The journey back to wellness is gradual, requires patience and a level of commitment to yourself, but it is the most rewarding journey you can take.  A path filled with self discovery, truth, support, nourishment, fulfillment and likely feelings that have never before been experienced.
Why would anyone settle for external happiness that comes and goes in waves, always dependant on circumstance? Why not seek to discover inner joy that cannot be removed by any circumstance? 

It is certainly a conscious choice we must make, living in a society of high stress and toxic living.
But we all need to ask ourselves; "Will I settle for being alive, or do I want to thrive?"

Then we ask, am I will to do whatever it takes and commit to wellness and wholeness for the long term? Because there is no quick fix. Only steadfast commitment, one day at a time, one step at a time. Moment by Moment.