Kinesiology and Health


To live a high quality life, maintaining complete wellness is key. Everything we experience through our senses, everything we think, feel and do, all the information in our surroundings, affects us directly through the nervous system. We absorb through our tactile senses; sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and we can also take on frequencies and energy from people, places, situations. 

In order to subdue stress, reduce illness and disease, optimize energy, daily function and overall health and well being - we need to be looking at what messages are being received from ourselves and the world in the nervous system, what messages are continually being transmitted. The Nervous System (NS) plays a huge role in our experience of the physical and energetic world; it is responsible for carrying all the vital information about our whole life experience. The body holds incredible intelligence and a world of information (neurons) that is sent to the brain at an impressive speed - sometimes much faster then you're able to think a thought. 

Kinesiology explores the nervous system, and the world of mind-body connection. Techniques enable the kinesiologist to access valuable data from your entire life and the brain is the computer which it is accessed by. Similar to a computer, the brain stores your information about your life experience like a data base, including: regulating body functions, biochemistry, muscles/tendons/tissue, organs, memories, thoughts, relationships, emotions, energy bodies and channels, just a few to name... Some of the information is consciously accessible, but the majority remains unconscious. Kinesiology access both conscious and unconscious information, but specifically what is relevant to the current issue.

The nature of the human body is designed with the ability to repair itself, our regulatory systems constantly work towards homeostasis. What often stands in the way of this natural healing process is unresolved blockages unknown to the conscious mind that have been brought on by our experience in stress. When unresolved issues remain in our system, disturbed for too long, the body compensates in other ways and creates louder problems. These ones are often symptomatic, but not necessarily the core issue. The way we processes information is different from one person to the next, so any remaining stored stressful incidences, experiences, accidents, voices, colours, event, social situation could be responsible for the bodies inability to bring itself back into balance. 

Kinesiology uses a wide scope of tools to communicate with the nervous system to determine the priority area to correct in order to promote the natural healing and regulating processes. Information is stored everywhere so it is essential to look at a person from a holistic point of view, to explore their unique mind, body and spiritual composition.