I am deeply thankful to all my loved ones who played a role in supporting and teaching me along the way. To my close friends, my peers, community and family, thank you for your eternal support. Also to my beloved canine companion Jetty - every step of the way. 

Your strength, support, love, encouragement and guidance cascades through me into this work.

My Story

My fascination with body work and energy developed many years before my studies began, in fact before I had heard about Kinesiology. 

Movement played an integral part of my life since the age of 5 - I trained as a gymnast to help correct the medially twisted pelvis and "pigeon feet" I was born with. This led to explore other forms of creative arts throughout life, including; Circus arts, Pole fitness, Belly-dance, Latin and ballroom dance, Acro-yoga and Inversions. Physical strength was my anchor for personal strength. My body was, and still is, my favourite to explore, express and stretch my comfort zone. 

However, working with my body meant that I could feel deeply all things, especially love and fear. 

Since a child, I was also a natural carer for others, giving always and wanting to be a animal care worker when I grew up. I was often ill as a child, suffering nightmares, chronic Tonsilitis, weight issues, pain in my legs, tension headaches and IBS. My adult work life did revolve around animals, and I strived to become a Marine biologist. I suffered Glandular fever, bullying and scraped by my exams. Not going to university to study, I was overwhelmed with grief and worry, turned to alcohol to numb long enough to make a new path. I studied a Diploma of Animal Technology and began working full time as a dog groomer, in wildlife and pet rescue, and continually learning about the science of animal life. 

In 2012, I started to "burn out" from chronic high stress, to the point where I was unable to even rise out of bed to attend the job I had grown to enjoy. I had forced myself into it daily for far too long. I began studying mindfulness - a Buddhist practice of tuning in to observe the body and mind. I discovered an ocean of unexplored waters inside and outside of me, a community of healers to help me navigate feelings I never found before and realized I was actually harbouring many old traumas and a deep pit of grief. 

It was an acrobatic accident that then set the stage for healing, I was badly concussed and feeling disconnected from everything. I also lost love for everything. 

I was recommended this “kinesiology” thing which I attended several sessions, in awe and amazement at the information she could pick up from my body and the feelings of lightweight freedom that followed each session. I couldn't remember a time before where I felt such peace. On a deeper level, I also remember feeling worried about my work life, because I knew my heart wasn’t in it anymore.  

I began a soul-searching adventure into the Amazon jungle of Peru, to train horses in the Caribbean, and returned home ready to leave everything, and head to outback Australia with my beloved canine companion, Jetty (pictured). I learned how to heal over several years, practicing yoga and meditation, participating in sound healings, tribal gatherings, connecting with nature, eating healthily, did the things I enjoyed and developed real self care. 

Though, at this point I had become quite ill. What I had buried was surfacing and I was suffering chronic fatigue, depression, suppressed anger, overactive nervous system, low immunity and gut flora leading to a serious B12 deficiency and my body was highly inflammed, fibromyalgia. 

I recall wondering how it happened so suddenly, but later learned, it was happening all along on a level I wasn't aware of, through suppressed memories of abuse and living in a constant state of fight/flight. Through pushing on and never taking any time to rest and recover, or frankly to deal with any of my own stuff.

Remembering Kinesiology, I travelled to Adelaide to begin my studies, and the deepest healing journey of my whole life. I committed to taking a 180 degree turn with my health, kinesiology combined with other health care modalities. I was able to identify causal factors of my health issues, not just relieve symptoms. I was warmly held in space over and over again by my peers, mentors, healers and teachers, who allowed me to go into my darkest darks and rise anew.  

Memories, behaviours, judgements, critics, imbalances, neurotransmitters wired incorrectly, crystalized trauma, all which lay in my nervous system, the communicator between my mind and body.

Since studying, I firmly believe that holistic kinesiology has a big role to play in reaching a complete state of wellness in the mind and body. When I hear other talk of their health battles with seemingly no end.. I can tell you that I feel you, I really do. There is a light at the end, so long as you are committed to walking through your tunnels. The darkness can be a labyrinth, and it takes a guide to show the way. 

Healing doesn't always mean 'cured'. In my case, I have healed tremendously, and my outer world reflects all the work I have done internally. I have never felt younger and freer in my mind, body and soul. I have reconnected with my truest, most inner self, the one that got buried too many years ago. She guides me each and everyday to bring light and hope into a dark world, and hold the candle for those who still need to come home. My life has become a sacred journey, and I cannot see it now being any other way. 

I am now a Holistic practitioner with a greater purpose then I ever imagined. My first-hand experience with trauma and chronic illness are now gifts I can use, to share with others and help them return to a place of health and harmony, loving and caring for all parts of themselves; in mind, body and spirit. 

I learned that the physical body is the expression of ALL of the subtle bodies at work. When all are in balance, will BEHAVE in balance, with optimal health potential. 

My journey highlights the need work with the cause, not the symptom, and to combine appropriate healthcare professional to ensure complete solutions.

It also highlights the importance of valuing each and every small thing that we can do to create the world we want to live in. 

I also learned that my story, is just a story. 

A valuable collection of lessons that have finally taught me how to continue writing, to finish the page, and turn to the next. 

Thank you for reading.

Love to all. 

Through life, I learn:

"Only when we balance our inner world can we find balance in the outer world." 

“Karma is the cause and effect of actions. The past cannot be undone, but the future is in a constant state of creation with the mindful actions chosen in this moment.”  

"The planet needs us to remember our humanity, connect with nature, as its caretakers and inhabitants to wake up, start nourishing, stop abusing and work towards global harmony, from a place of authenticity and truth, not fear and suppression."

“In order to crystalize healing for all, we need to work within our individual selves, so that the physical manifestation of balance, love and compassion can radiate around us in the world each moment of life, and harmonious vibrational body will descend into the earth when the body is ready to die.”