Passion and Purpose


Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose? 

Life comprises of moments, of thoughts, actions, emotions and choices. Conscious and unconscious. In order to discover your passion and purpose, first understand what it means to be you, your gifts, values and the world of infinite potential laying in the amazing being that is you. 

Does it feel overwhelming to begin searching? 

To discover, get out of the mind and into the body and explore the vehicle for your soul. In your feelings lies clues and information. Only in a grounded awareness can you begin the journey to discovering HOW to live aligned with YOUR passion and purpose. 


It begins with intention, and the willingness to change. 

Your process has begun, have patience for its unfolding. 

Avoid putting expectations on yourself like "I should be able to", negative self talk such as "I can't do this". Expectations often come with perfectionism, and perfect has no place for authenticity. Being real is essential. 

At your centre, you have a flame to ignite. Often a flame has been extinguished, smothered or just never nourished - by many influences outside and inside of us: criticism, judgement from others, judgement from self, expectations, disappointments, self-worth, etc, etc. 

I guarantee you, that ember is longing for a breeze of attention to fire up and show you just how ready you are to ignite your passion for living! 

Try something new, or do something that you already know you love. Get in touch with that feeling every day, that feeling is expansion. Every expansion creates SPACE… for what? You decide. Something that might feel good and create further expansion. How would it feel to work in a dream job. How does it feel to just be alive right now. How would it feel to open your heart a little more? What hobby do I want to try to fill my “me time”. Get curious. Be in it.
There no wrong. In fact, every decision you make that feel contracted is just as enlightening as one that expands you. This is INNER DIRECTION. Judgement free. 

Inner direction is exactly that. We make a decision and see how it feels, and we follow the cues. There then comes the realization that you hold the power to create a version of yourself that thrives on life, that ebbs and flow consciously with the ever-changing nature of the world, and does so without losing the connection with self expression. Passion and purpose come from the heart, and the heart simply needs to flow, right or wrong aside. 

It takes courage, and willingness to explore and play with new things, oh the heart loves to play! You only know what you know thus far in a world that has infinite possibilities. Try new things and notice how it makes you FEEL. Honour your mind that may tell you familiar negative stories, but don't attach to them, let them go, breathe, and choose consciously. Move with freedom and break your own chains.  Let go of perfect path. Embrace feeling expansive. Passion for life will flow. You will live, not merely be alive.

The more you choose to act on what makes you feel expansive, the more alive and vibrant your body will become. It will send you messages, let you know you are on track. All you have to do is listen, be patient and trust that you are on the path to whole self-discovery. 

Inner knowing will come. You will not know until you decide to commit to YOU.
Become so real with yourself that you don’t even need to second guess decisions, you decide from a place of connect and allow yourself to learn and discover more.

Purpose is derived from passion. The path is choice, and permitting heart to be open.

Your highest purpose is sacred and special. You will not know it until you begin living your life like you will do whatever it takes to get there